Effective January 1, 2017, the New Brunswick Parking Authority (NBPA) will be adjusting certain hourly parking rates within its garages. Please take note of these changes based on the schedule below.

Paterson, Plum, Morris, New St., Church:

0-1 Hours$3.00
1-2 Hours$6.00
2-3 Hours$8.00
3-4 Hours$10.00
4-5 Hours$11.00
5-6 Hours$12.00
6-7 Hours$13.00
7-8 Hours$14.00
8-10 Hours$16.00
10-11 Hours$17.00
11-12 Hours$18.00
12-13 Hours$19.00
13-24 Hours$20.00

Gateway & Wellness:

0-1 Hours$3.00
1-2 Hours$6.00
2-3 Hours$8.00
3-4 Hours$9.00
4-5 Hours$11.00
5-6 Hours$13.00
6-7 Hours$16.00
7-8 Hours$20.00
8-9 Hours$22.00
9-24 Hours$23.00

The rates at the Plum St. lot, Cultural Center Lot, Liberty Lot, and City Hall Lot will also be changing to $3/hour.

Effective January 1, 2016 the New Brunswick Parking

Authority will be adjusting monthly parking rates at its facilities. The adjustment represents an average of less than an additional $0.20 - $0.35 per day to park in an NBPA facility. The revised monthly rates are as follows:



Standard Rate

January 1, 2016

New Street



Church Street



Paterson Street



Morris Street



Plum Street



If you auto-pay through the NBPA website, please have the amount adjusted so the proper charge is credited to your account. If you have a rate different from the standard rate please add the increase amount to your current monthly payment.

The Parking Authority does not take pleasure in adjusting rates. It has been determined that in order to meet present and future financial obligations along with increased maintenance and operating costs, this adjustment needs to be implemented at this time.

The New Brunswick Parking Authority is proud to sponsor and donate to New Brunswick schools! Click here for some pictures!

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Great News! The electric car charging stations are up and running at Gateway and Wellness! They are located on the 5th and 6th floors at Wellness and the 2nd in Gateway. Each of these machines can charge 4 cars at once (12 total across the 2 decks) and is free for our customers to use. If you would like more details, feel free to visit the Juice Bar website.


No Change? No Problem! The New Brunswick Parking Authority is pleased to announce it now accepts payments at all on-street meters and our surface lots via Parkmobile mobile payment system. Check out our Parkmobile page for more information!

In order to help prevent theft, please remove any devices and personal belongings from public view when parking your vehicle. Thank you.