Please visit to register for a Jersey Ave permit.

For any other questions, check out our Jersey Avenue FAQ page.

If you're having issues adding a vehicle, check out this video.

In partnership with NJ Transit, we are pleased to offer quarterly parking permits at the Jersey Avenue Train Station only.

The Jersey Avenue Train Station serves weekday commuters with limited service and no weekend or holiday trains stopping at the station.

We do not cross honor Jersey Avenue permits at our other parking facilities on weekends or holidays. If you choose to use another facility you must pay the fees of that facility.

Only if NJ Transit announces that Jersey Avenue is closed due to an event that disrupts the normal train service at that station will parking permits be cross honored at NBPA facilities. Please call 732-667-8100, check our website homepage, or check our social media accounts to find out if we are, in fact, honoring Jersey Avenue permits on any given day.

If interested in other parking options in the City of New Brunswick please use Contact Us to send us an email or call 732-545-3118.