Monthly parking is available for purchase at the following parking decks;

  • Gateway Parking Deck ($175.00/month)
  • Wellness Parking Deck ($175.00/month)
  • Lower Church Street Deck ($165.00/month)
  • New St. Deck ($165.00/month)
  • Paterson Street Deck ($165.00/month)
  • Plum Street Deck ($165.00/month)
  • Morris Street Deck ($160.00/month)

  • Offer is subject to availability and a one-time security deposit for the same amount as the monthly payment. In order to get parking at one of these locations you can fill in and print this form and then you have to come to our office and make the initial payment and get the access card (make sure you bring your license and vehicle registration). Your access card will be activated after pickup and may take a few hours to be active.

    *If you're a Rockoff Hall student coming to get a pass, make sure to bring your license, registration, and lease.

    For deck addresses, go to our Parking Locator page.

    If you have any questions, you can call 732-545-3118 and we'll gladly answer your questions.