The New Brunswick Parking Authority was created by an ordinance of the City of New Brunswick NJ adopted August 3, 1948 and pursuant to NJSA 40:HA. The Authority is a public body corporate and political subdivision of the State with the same territorial boundaries as the boundaries of the City, exercising public and essential government functions and having all the powers necessary to carry out its corporate purposes and the provisions of the Act.

The duties of the Authority are to construct, improve, maintain, and operate off-street parking facilities, to promote traffic improvements and the free flow of traffic through city streets, and to improve conditions affecting public safety and welfare.  The Authority is also responsible for the management and operation of on-street parking by the use of parking meters and residential permitted parking.

Mission Statement

The New Brunswick Parking Authority Contributes to the Vitality of the City of New Brunswick by:

· Providing and Maintaining Parking Services and Facilities that are Clean, Safe, and Affordable

· Serving the Parking Public

· Promoting the Free Flow of Traffic

· Valuing the Customers and Residents Served