If You Get a Ticket

To help avoid receiving a parking ticket, please read and understand our Parking Zone information.

If you have received a parking ticket, please read below:

For a guilty plea, payments should be made to the New Brunswick Municipal Court located at 25 Kirkpatrick St., New Brunswick, NJ 08901.

According to the New Brunswick Traffic Code you must pay the appropriate fine within 7 days in order to avoid a late penalty.

If you have a question regarding the amount of a ticket, please call the New Brunswick Municipal Court Violations Dept. at (732) 745-5089.

To Contest a Ticket

If you wish to plead not guilty you must contact the New Brunswick Municipal Court Violations Dept. at (732) 745-5089 to schedule a court date. For your convenience, both day and evening court sessions are available.

If you believe a ticket is invalid, call the NBPA and we will investigate. If we cannot assist you, we will direct you to the Municipal Court's Parking Violation Dept.

Don't wait until the late penalty is assessed!

Vehicle Immobilization for Unpaid Tickets (Booting)

Vehicles with three or more outstanding parking tickets (the oldest being at least 90 days old and the most recent being at least 20 days old) may be immobilized by the NBPA.

Once immobilized, it is the vehicle owner's responsibility to satisfy all outstanding parking tickets at New Brunswick's Municipal Court and submit the $50 boot release fee to the NBPA before the boot will be removed.

Payments must be made in cash or by money order only. If these payments are not made within 48 hours of immobilization (24 hours if parked at a meter), the vehicle will be towed and you will incur an additional towing fee and storage fees.

If Your Vehicle is Towed

Vehicles are towed from posted tow-away zones and when parked in a prohibited area when they interfere with the flow of traffic or cause a safety hazard. If your car is towed, here's what you should do:

If you were parked in a NBPA Facility:

  • Call the NBPA Office (8:00am-4:30pm) (732) 545-3118
  • NBPA Communications Center (4:30pm-8:00am) (732) 667-8100
  • If no answer call Parking Services Shift Supervisor (4:30pm-8:00am) (732) 236-7546

If you were parked on the street:

  • Call the New Brunswick Police Dept. (732) 745-5200

The NBPA or NBPD will confirm whether your car was towed and where it was towed to. Once you know where your car has been towed, call the tow company to find out how much you must pay. Usually there is a towing fee and a storage fee.