Illegal parking is not just a nuisance - it's a hazard as well. By discouraging illegal parking, parking enforcement enables buses to turn corners easily, keeps lanes clear so traffic moves smoothly in and out of the city, and helps you get to work or perhaps even do your shopping faster!

When you obey the time limits on short-term parking spaces, you help make valuable parking spaces available to you when you need them. And when loading zones are kept clear and used appropriately, supplies and deliveries can arrive more quickly and efficiently - saving time and money and reducing congestion.

The NBPA is responsible for the majority of parking enforcement in New Brunswick. Enforcement discourages illegal parking and promotes the free flow of traffic throughout the city. Enforcement maintains pedestrian safety, increases turnover of short-term parking spaces and keeps loading zones clear for delivery.

Please be assured that the NBPA takes no pleasure in issuing parking tickets, but it is a serious matter and a responsibility the NBPA is committed to carry out.