Residential Digital Permit Parking Questions (Coming 6/1/17):
In many residential areas of New Brunswick, residential permit parking exists to help ensure that on-street parking is not monopolized by adjacent commercial or institutional activities and is available to local residents.

Types of Parking Permits:

*Business*Loading Zone

*This permit is not supported by the digital permit system. It can only be obtained in person at the New Brunswick Parking Authority.

1. How may I pay for the permit with the new system?

a. Answer: Residential permits are free and no payment method is needed to submit an application.

2. Will I receive a parking decal or sticker after signing up?

a. Answer: No. The new system will recognize your license plate as the permit. You will not be required to hang a permit or stick a decal in your vehicle.

3. What happens if my permit fails auto-approval?

a. Answer: An email will be sent to the email address on file and will state why the application failed as well as what documentation is needed for approval.

4. What if I don't have a driver's license, but would like to have visitors over, what form of proof can I show to obtain a permit?

a. Answer: The homeowner or landlord would need to apply for a visitor permit. They need a state issued ID and proof of ownership (tax, deed, mortgage, etc).

5. What if I bought a new car, have new plates, or have a rental car? Is there any way to update my plate?

a. Answer: With this new system, you will need to submit a plate change request to have the license plate changed on the following permits: Homeowner, Tenant, Sublet, Landlord.

b. Note: Failing to provide the correct license plate of the new vehicle may result in a parking ticket.

6. What is a plate change and how do I submit one?

a. Answer: A plate change is a formal request to have a license plate changed on an active permit. In order to request one, you must submit an email to with the following details:

i. The registration for the new vehicle

ii. A brief summary stating the license plate number that needs to be removed and also the license plate number that should be edited.

iii. Enter "Plate Change" in the subject of the email request.

iv. For rentals, just a copy of the rental agreement is needed with the brief summary.

7. What if I do not have the proper documents to obtain a permanent permit?

a. Answer: You can apply for a temporary permit to give yourself time to retrieve the necessary paperwork to be approved for your permanent permit. If approved, the temporary permit will be valid for 7 days from the date of issuance. This permit can only be issued one time.

8. How many vehicles am I permitted to assign to my digital Visitor permit?

a. Answer: You can place up to 2 vehicles on the permit, at the same time.

9. What should I do if I am expecting a large number of visitors?

a. Answer: You will need to contact the enforcement office at the New Brunswick Parking Authority for assistance.

10. Is there signage for the designated parking areas?

a. Answer: Yes, each residential area has signage posted on the street. The signage states the name of the permitted ward that is allowed to park on that road.


1. Why might I receive a parking ticket?

a. Answer: A ticket may be issued if you have not registered your vehicle for a digital parking permit or the license plate number was entered incorrectly on your permit application.

2. How do I dispute the ticket?

a. Answer: If you received a ticket for a vehicle, which was not properly registered for a digital parking permit, and you wish to dispute, please contact the NBPA Enforcement office at 732-545-3118 x135.

3. I received a ticket even though I have a permit, what do I do?

a. Answer: If the ticketed vehicle was definitely registered for a digital parking permit, please call 844-509-2708, available 24/7/365.

4. What if I received a ticket because I incorrectly entered my license plate when signing up online?

a. Answer: You will be responsible for the ticket. If you wish to dispute, please contact Parking Enforcement at NBPA at 732-545-3118 x135.