On-street parking at meters and time-limited areas is designed and regulated to promote turnover for commercial and retail use. If someone parks in a space all day, it is not available for other users - and this hurts local businesses that rely on having some amount of on-street parking available.

Meter feeding is prohibited! At all on-street metered parking, adding more money to the meter past the designated time limit is not allowed and violators are subject to a ticket. Also, in areas with time limit restrictions it is illegal to park beyond the posted time limit.


Progressive Rates:
1-2 hours: $2.00/hour
Third hour: $3.00
Fourth hour: $4.00
Fifth hour: $5.00
Sixth hour: $6.00
Seventh hour: $7.00
Eighth hour: $8.00

8 hour Maximum Stay - 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday

Applies to the following streets:

Albany Street

Baldwin Street (World War I Monument Park)

Bayard Street

Bishop Street

Church Street

College Avenue

Dennis Street

Easton Avenue

Elm Row

French Street

George Street

Hamilton Street

Handy Street

Huntington Street

Jersey Avenue

Jones Avenue

Joyce Kilmer Avenue

Liberty Street

Little Albany Street

Livingston Avenue

Morrell Street

Morris Street

Neilson Street

New Street

Paterson Street

Richmond Street

Richmond Street

Seminary Place

Senior Street

Sicard Street

Somerset Street

Spring Street

Suydam Street

Union Street

Non-Progressive Rates:

$2.00/hour - Max. hours and times vary by location.

Applies to streets not listed above.